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Portaloo‎ for functions

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Reduce The Toilet Ques

When you have a large workforce working on a building site or a collection of party-goers at an event or festival on a hot day (hopefully drinking lots of water!) it’s easy for everyone to wind up wanting to go to the toilet at the same time. This is why hiring Portable Urinals in addition to your basic porta-potties can really help ease the pressure and clear out the bathroom area quicker!

Self Contained Waste Tank

Betta Bathroom Hire has numerous portable urinals available for you to hire the next time you organise a festival, market or break ground on a new construction site. It is possible to hire the urinals in conjunction with our portable toilets to ensure every occasion is enjoyable and sanitary, providing a faster alternative for male patrons. All urinal units are standalone, with the waste being held in a self-contained waste tank which our friendly Betta Bathroom Hire staff can empty as required or when they are no longer needed.

Save Space

There are many advantages to hiring a portable urinal for your next event. First and foremost, they are massive space savers, and also self-contained meaning they can be placed almost anywhere. They are also super light and easy to clean, making them suitable for multi-day events. They also allow for bathroom lines to be reduced, particularly for males, and are ready to use the second we deliver them!

Meeting Regulations

It is important to ensure your units are placed appropriately so as to maintain a high level of serviceability for your patrons and the Betta Bathroom Hire team. Instant Toilets are able to advise you as to how many units you will require so as to meet Health Department regulations, as well as a number that will ensure the comfort of your patrons.

Maintenance Options

Betta Bathroom Hire is able to provide on-site attendees throughout your event to make sure our products are well maintained at all times. This ensures that your patrons are using sanitary and well-maintained loos and urinals at all times – thus maintaining their level of happiness as well as yours! It is also possible to schedule regular waste removals so our units function at their maximum level of performance.



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