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Betta Bathroom Hire have quality portable hydration stations for hire – these are very popular, so if you need them call straight away and lock in the dates you need them for. Call 0438 083 139.

Less Mess & Happier Patrons

Portable Hydration Stations, more commonly know as drinking fountains, come with many benefits not only for event attendees, but also for you as an event organiser. Cleaning up the mess left behind by hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of people after an event is definitely one downside to hosting a large event. This is why hiring one of Betta Bathroom Hire’s rehydration units saves you time and gives you peace of mind.

Easy To Install & Remove

Hiring a portable water station would allow your patrons convenient, clean, fresh water all day (or at least for the duration of your event) that they are able to serve to themselves, thus reducing staff numbers. Hydration stations also immensely reduce the number of glass and plastic bottles left at the completion of your event, as there is simply no need to bring them in the first place! Water fountains also reduce the chance of party goers becoming dehydrated on hot days, making your customers happier and onsite medical staff free to attend more critical emergencies, should they arise. Our portable water stations are also great for children, and easy to refill reusable bottles from. All of Betta Bathroom Hire’s hydration stations are available for short or long term hire, depending on the duration of your event and are quickly and easy to deliver, install and use!

Anti-bacterial Nozzles

Betta Bathroom Hire’s portable water stations are sturdy, but small units, that are designed to cater for a great number of thirsty individuals at large events. All fountains are fitted with anti-bacterial dispensing nozzles that ensure quality filtered and non-filtered drinking water is available at your event. Our hydration stations are most commonly used for large outdoor public events such as Concerts, Sporting Events, Shows and Markets.

A portable hydration station is a healthy and environmental friendly alternative to ‘one-use’ plastic drink bottles that are generally disposed of, generally on the ground. They limit the amount of mess after an event, saving you time and energy, whilst ensuring the public is able to have an enjoyable, fully hydrated, time.

Ideal uses include:

  • Outdoor Events
  • Sporting Events
  • Concerts
  • Field Days
  • Shows


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