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Keeping Your Site Clean

At busy public events, Portable Hand Wash Stations, such as those available at Betta Bathroom Hire, are handy to ensure that the spread of infection is minimised by encouraging hand washing. By thoroughly washing our hands with soap and water, it can be ensured that all manner of common bacteria is removed and therefore unable to spread to others. It becomes even more important to maintain our hand hygiene when animals are present, food is being served and consumed, or when attendees include small children and the elderly.

Having portable sinks available to your guests or patrons is beneficial not only to them, but yourself as well as you can be ensured every has a happy and healthy time at your event. This is why Betta Bathroom Hire offers safe, economical and convenient hand wash stations.

Hand Wash Station Features

A Betta Bathroom Hire polypropeleyne hand wash station has a two sided stand with soap and paper hand towels. They are foot pump operated and connect to a 10 amp power supply for a warm water temperature of 40-42 degrees celcius. The fresh water capacity is 83 litres, with a 91 litre waste capacity.

Better Service For Patrons

More often than not, events that last for over a couple of hours, such as Festivals, have food available to their attendees as it is very easy to get hungry when dancing and partying with friends. After a meal at such an event, it is common for hands to become dirty and sticky, or for there to be food on your clothes. This is where our portable hand wash stations come in. Even if napkins, wet wipes or hand sanitiser is available, it’s unlikely to clean as well as good old soap and water! Portable sinks allow for your patrons to clean themselves up after a meal (or anything else that could get them into a mess!) and therefore get back to enjoying your event sooner rather than later – without the worry of having to remove a stain once they get home.

Easy To Install

Our back-to-back portable hand wash stations are easy to install and free standing, making them the perfect answer to any of your hand cleaning needs. They also go well with any of Betta Bathroom Hire’s other amenities, particularly our portable toilets. If you have a large event, and would rather leave the toilets free for their main purpose, then hiring a bank of portable sinks are the perfect accompaniment.


When are portable sanitation stations a good idea?

  • At any event where there are children attending
  • Shows where there are animals
  • Outdoor events where people are on grass
  • Anywhere people are eating take away
  • Sporting events
  • Concerts
  • School Fetes


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